Creating a New Article

  1. Add an eye-catching Cover Image above.
  2. Choose a concise, meaningful, and interesting Title.
  3. Write a brief Intro to outline the topic of your article and to talk about why it's so cool! Note: in future releases the intro will be displayed in article search results.
  4. Add the Body of your article by editing this block of content. We will continue to improve the article editing experience indefinitely...
  5. Add some Tags below to help people find your article.
  6. Click Save Article when you're done :)))))

A little more detail

  1. COVER IMAGE: To select a cover image, click hover over or the CoSourcery logo and select the purple pencil icon to the right which reads "Edit Image" when you hover. Select "Choose File" to open your system's default image/file picker, then pick it! Please add an "Image Alt" description for accessibility reasons.
  2. TITLE: Hover below the cover image and above the words "Current Date", and click the pencil which reads "Edit Title" when you hover. (Note to CoSourcery team: this shouldn't be so hard. Where did that stub title go?)
  3. INTRO: Hover between the purple bar and "Current Date" where it says "Add an introduction" and s elect the purple pencil icon.
  4. BODY: Hover over the article body (under "Creating a New Article") and click the purple pencil icon.  When you click into any part of the body while in edit mode, options appear at the top of the body. These will stay with you as you scroll.
  5. TAGS: If you hover over the word "Tags" or anywhere to the right or bottom of it, the purple pencil icon will appear. Click that. Enter some tags, pressing the "Enter" button on your keyboard in between tags. Keep in mind, they will all be converted to upper case letters and some characters are not allowed.
  6. SAVE: Once you have valid content in all the required fields, the gray check button at the bottom of the page turns purple. If you press "Undo Changes" you will loose all your work and start over. Click the check button ti "Save Article" and it will go live!


Understanding your formatting options:

You only have 3 headings and 1 paragraph. If you think you need more, you're wrong! Or, maybe CKEditor is wrong?

   Heading 1

   Heading 2

   Heading 3


Formatting options include bold italic and link

You can also add bulleted and numbered lists as well as quotes, images, embedded videos, and simple tables.

What makes a good article:

  1. The reader of the article should learn how to accomplish something, or improve their skills in some way. CoSourcery is not for purely descriptive content. CoSourcery is for sharing skills and knowledge.
  2. Avoid using the first person in your writing. For example saying "I did it this way because I prefer an easy cleanup" is not as appropriate as "You can do it like this if you prefer an easy cleanup" or even "Many prefer to do it this way for an easier cleanup"
  3. Whenever possible, avoid brand names and major retailer names. For example, saying "You can buy <brand-name> widgets from <major-retailor-name>" is not as appropriate as "This type of widget can be found in most specialty gardening stores"