Creating a New Article

  1. Add an eye-catching Cover Image above.
  2. Choose a concise, meaningful, and interesting Title.
  3. Write a brief Intro to outline the topic of your article and why it's so cool! Note: in future releases the intro will be displayed in search results when your article is found.
  4. Add the Body of your article by editing this block of content. In future releases you will be able to embed youtube videos, add GIF, etc...
  5. Add some Tags below to help people find your article.
  6. Click Save Article when you're done :)))))

Additional tips


Understanding your formatting options:

You only have 3 headings and 1 paragraph. If you think you need more, you're wrong! Or, maybe CKEditor is wrong?

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3






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Posted by newuser

Last Updated Nov 15, 2018

Do you want to say anything about how many words an intro or a paragraph should include? Also, when I went to the main page and tried to click on the three buttons that say "1 edit," etc., I found that I can only access the tags, edits and comments from the article page. Do you think it might be nice to be able to click directly on the home page to the comments and edits? Just a thought...

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Posted by Wise Ape

Last Updated Oct 25, 2018

This really is open. Please feel free to improve this meta-article.

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